Yuexi archaeological city museum

The Zhanjiang museum has been completed in 1960 year, where was situated in the Cunjin bridge park.That is the big Soviet-type three floor buildings. The total area of museum is 8,000 square meters, the construction of building total area is 4,100 square meters. It’s the biggest museum in Guangdong provinces and cities level. Here collects cultural relic up to ten thousand. For instance : the stone implement, pottery, the bronze drum, the Eastern Han Dynasty canoe, the statue of Kunlun woman’s head inTang Dynasty, the cultural relic of agaist French army and so on, where has been expected to find everything and having national level of cultural relics.

Except the cultural relic, the exhibition often holds in the hall, have showing calligraphy and painting by famous artist and also showing photo. The Zhanjiang museum not only showing the talent by artist, and also to appreciates art for residents.

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