Cunjin Bridge

There is special park –Cunjin bridge park in center of Chekan area, which has been selected in the eight famous sceneries in Zhanjiang, called the name "Cunjin Park". The park front door is a big old-style gate tower. While enters the park, sees big portrait of white stone carve standing in front of you. That’s one of the farmer from Leizhou in Qing Dynasty, which showing carve is a symbol of majesty and strength, the tangled long pigtail with head, the naked upper body, the right hand-held long sword, and the left hand pulls the cane shield, is carrying conch, with angry glare in front side, look likes in very threatening manner. This is statue showing to commemorates hero, also showing the Zhanjiang people do not to sacrifice life, the symol of victory against french army. On theNorth side of the Cunjing bridge park, where exist stone bridge, called "CunJin bridge" (meaning of the inch territory worth inch gold). This bridge, which is demarcation line showing Zhanjiang people heroically resists the french army, and force the army of France stop to invade Zhanjiang. For commemorate the victory of against the french army, the government constructs the Cunjin bridge many times, now also the commemoration square where builds up in the side of the bridge, and let people fondly remembers the hero.

The Cunjin bridge park is a comprehensive park, there is the lake and mountain scenery complementing each other, the flower opens in inside garden, and antien tree and famous wood, birds and beasts, Chinese mugwort corridor, dance sports facility and martyrs' cemetery. While come to the holiday or long vacation, the park will hold each kind of recreational activities for the entertainment resident.

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