Cunjin bridge park

The Cunjin bridge park is located west side of Chikan area. It called the name cause near the Cunjin bridge and Cunjin bridge contains the Chinese national territory inch of lang worth gold, also not to allow the foreign enemy to invade meaning, by commemorated the heroic story of the Zhanjiang people struggle against the french army in 1898, the park center square is standing erect the hero's cast. That’s the biggest subtropics botanical garden in Zhanjiang.

Its beginning constructed in 1958, that was the longest time in Zhanjiang urban district since had been found the nation of China, Which is the biggest of comprehensive park, the total area of park is 513 Chinese acres, include area of water is 113 Chinese acres. Since the reform and open policy, the park has been developing very quick, completes the garden with bridge, the flower garden, the mandarin duck island, the immortal brook garden, the zoo, the playground, the martyr mausoleum cemetery and the Jinchuyuan dance hall, the cultural square and so on ten big scenic areas. Each scenic area has its own nice place! The playground is good and happy for children, look, the children drive the dragon boat! Jinchuyuan is different beautiful figure, people go to dance with happy long in pairs! The Eight Immortals meeting in the immortal brook garden, the immortal spring and good wine seems quiet and beautiful! The layout of whole park, there is quite lake with the surface of the lake ripples, the height fluctuaties of hillside; the grass like smoke on the lawn, the jungle is full of green and luxuariant, all of those showing the park with order, scatter and organizing. The trees create shades and the green bamboo to grow into a forest, building, stage, pavilion, tortuors corridor and puiet path in the park. Strolls the park, really feel completely relaxedly, forgets to return! In these years, the park cadre and staff, have developed and innovated, contiune to changingthe new scenic spot of park, more and more nice landscapes appearance. the park appearance. Although the park does not have the board and lodging facility, the restaurant located in the front door of the park, will prepare simple meal for you during the moring and evening, also can choose the rich meal. The Cunjin building is comfortable and convenient place as hostel, stays comfortably, also is very convenient.

Cunjin bridge park not only bring beautiful scenery, and it’s environment is quiet and tasteful, but also the Zhanjiang municipal government decides the base as the patriotic education. Cunjin bridge records the Zhanjiang people as hero against french army to invade, bridged over from on the park offtake ofYueying lake, divide the park into two big scenic areas. The stautue of hero was made an idol dignified moistens standing in wide square in front door of the park. It’s the heroic image of Zhanjiang people! Engraving bridge in the commemoration "an inch territory worths inch gold" seven large brush-written Chinese characters with glittering! It is one of landscape in park to show sonorous pledge, which the Zhanjiang peoples safguard the motherland forever. This park for the commemoration glory history of glry revolutionary martyr, brings honor to the Zhanjiang people and gave the park’s name as ‘Cunjin bridge park’.

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