Haling village : The most beautiful countryside in Zhanjiang

The Haling, which name is not too elegance. Anyway, when we stepping into this special countryside, forgetting the name’s Haling, showing us only surprised beauty village in front of us.

Very straightly leads to the Haling the path and varied path. After crosses the small park crosses, only sees the lotus pond around the whole village, the lotus are blooming, the bridge with bend and links both banks, the pavilon looks like lady standing on the bridge. After through the big gate tower, the village is showing. Here the green tree flouring and luxuriant, the paths of village have been concreted, clean agile, each and every family window is all bright, all people with smiling face.

This is civilized village in China, which located in Jianwang plain of Wuyang town, the land with widen, the fish and rice is plentiful. People from the village travelled outside for commerce, and became successful entrepreneurs. They are patriotic, donates money several ten million Yuan to change the appearance of hometown appearance, has constructed this famous Yuexi civilized village, which makes tourist enjoy to visit here. 

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