Man-made Hedi reservoir

 In order to solve the water supply question for Leizhou peninsula, in 1958, the government involved several hundreds thousands people in the construction of one of the ten reservoirs in China. The Hedi reservoir, striding over the borders of Guangdong and Guangxi, two provincial capital areas. The area of the reservoir totals 122  square kilometers, the amount of stored water totals  l15,000,000 cube meters. The Hedi reservoir compose with  water supply, power supply, the fishery, transport and traveling.
Climb the Qingnian pavilion near the Hedi reservoir, look far away mounts nearby the reservoir, you will only see the blue sky and white clouds. The surface of reservoir is boundless, with big and small islands everywhere ; the forest is dense, showing green jade color all over here. While sitting in boat, facing the cool breeze to have a trip, the scenery of reservoir and mountain scenery complementing each other, you will have a nice feeling.
The Honghu farm is located north of the reservoir, planted with litchis, red star fruits and mangoes, all over the mountains. Stop the boat at the farm’s wharf, comes ashore to pick and eat as you like. If you are interested in fish feast, go to the reservoir’s reception desk, you will want to taste again the fish’s head  soup.
Local people are proud to look at the reservoir traveling area and the dam that several hundreds thousands youths have build during days and nights, proud to learn the facts that happened in those years and read the preface, the topic plaque and poems wrote by national leader Deng Xiaoping, Dong Biwu, Zhu De, Chen Yi, Tao Zhu, He Long, Guo Moruo and so on. Feeling the heroic spirit of  Leizhou people at same year.

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