The Thunder culture in Leizhou

 The Leizhou city is located 70 kilometers from  Zhanjiang city, that’s hometown of Thunder.
The Leizhou city is the national  historical  culture city.
Before arriving Leizhou, you may call the Leizhou travel agency, they will help you or find you a guide. Travel agency’s telephone number : 8851686.
In the center of Leizhou city, you may visit the Lei Family Ancestor Temple , Sanyuan Pagoda, the Stone dogs exhibition, the West Lake  park, the Tianning temple, the Ancient rich house and so on, you probably need more than half a day .
If you want to stay in Leizhou for the night, you may find a room in the reception unit :Yuan Zhong Yuan (the Chinese garden hotel). And then find some typically Leizhou’s snack and taste.
After visiting Leizhou city, you may pass through theYang fields (the area totals 200,000 chiese acres) to the nature protection area of Jiulong mountain and Yingfeng ridges, ancient volcano and so on the scenic area of Yingli town, you can search mysterious ancient volcanoes.
Do not forget to visit « the sea of pineapple » and  « the sea of sisal hemp », these are the most chinese characteristic plants.
The above travelling schedule almost takes one day. Then get out from theYingli town toward Suwen county in afternoon past five o’clock.

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