Wuyang city

 Wu Yangzhen is located southwest of Wuchan city,  which the population is 76,000. Wu Yang  is situated on the south bank of Jian river, near the South China Sea. This area is covered with small rivers that make the land smooth. Wuyang is one Yuexi village, plentiful of natural resources, sand snails, fat crabs, jellyfishs, prawns and rich sea fishs. From the Sui Dynasty to 1940, during more than 1,000 years, the city has been an important place for the Wuchan county, the cultural relics and historical sites are many. There is the JiPu pavilion(Nan Song Dynasty), the study palace (Yuan Dynasty), the Shuangfeng moss (Ming Dynasty), the Baizei gate, the reading building, the Zhong Shan Memorial Hall (during Kuoimintang) and so on, with the city level tourist resort on the beach.
Wuyang city have had 8 metropolitan graduates (Jinshi) in all previous Dynasties, more than 50 provincial graduate (Juren), and too many scholar (Xiucai) to be counted. During the third year  in Daoguang (Qing Dynasty), there have been a Number one scholar (Zhuangyuan), who was called Lin Zhaotang. Later he had been appointed to compile in Hanlin  academy, then he became the chief examiner for Shanxi and Gansu province. Because he was  rigid in his approach and disaffected, he didn’t satistfy powerful officials, then he didn’t stay for a long time and moved to Zhaoqing academy to work as lecturer. Before he has been 60 years old, he came back to home, and then lived in hometown until 87 years, end of his talent.
Although it hasn’t been an earth shaking to Wuyang town, after the Number one scholar Lin Zhaotang has been living here, WuYang has became a famous town of  scholars. The city has built the memorial temple, the Lin Zhaotang working place, the memorial archway, in the Xiajia village. The memorial temple of Lin Zhaotang have collected portraits, calligraphies, poetries, imperial edicts, tablets, cultural relics and so on, this place is worth to visit for tourists. Now, many cultural relics and historical sites has been repaired by the government and the mass’s support. The new generations, proud of Number one scholar, usually invite writers to make poems and enjoy the flowers. This place is full with literary talents.

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