The Gaoshan temple

 More than 20 years ago, during the popular Buddhist period, Buddhist organization has built up many temples in Leizhou city, Gaoshan temple is the most impressive.
The Gaoshan temple is situated on the mountains, east of Leizhou city. Directed northern south, the construction is built toward the mountain at the base of this one. Standing on the third terrace of the temple, looking far away, you can see the 10,000 chinese acres of fields in a vast expanse of misty.
Gaoshan temple is a large building, its statue of Buddha is big too. Here is the unique and  biggest thousand hands Goddess of Mercy in Guangdong. With its glittering, the Goddess of Mercy seems to be living. The Gaoshan temple is obviously involved in the buddhist heritage’s preservation, here have been collected famous national original calligraphy handwriting by eminent monks, hundreds poetries  have been engraved on tablets, showing fine calligraphic art and famous sentences from Buddha.

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