Lianjiang city - travel of wonderful fruits

 Lianiang  city  is located  more than 40 kilometers north of Zhanjiang,  where link up with highway. Driving your own car to visit Lianjiang is a real pleasure, because this place hangs nice fruits all over the year and remains green like spring.
May-June is the season for litchis, you can enjoy picking up the fruits and the nice scenery.
In July-August, all the Longan are riped, enter the Longan garden to eat what you want.
In November and December, the first Chinese oranges "red orange" appear, which look like gold. When you drive through the orange forest, that make you excited.
Except eating the wonderful fruits  and have view of fruits, you also may drive to visit the largest Chinese mangrove forest, the only wild litchi forest in China,  and the famous Man-made Hedi  reservoir. These unusual natural and beautiful scenes let the car drivers forget to be weary.
Afterwards, you will arrive to family farm near center city for eating  and playing. Here you may have many special dishes or your own snack.