Jinghai Temple – the handwritting stone tablets

"The Jinghai Temple with handwriting on stone tables" is situated in Xialanbei village, Nantu river bank of Leizhou, which is located 10 kilometers from the Leizhou city. The construction of the temple has began during Ming Dynasty. Because the temple was near the sea, people used to offer sacrifices to « the straits peace goddess » ancestor Lin Moniang. From this legend come the name of  "Jinghai temple"(Jing-peace, hai-sea).
The building of Jinghai temple is plain and elegant, the hall shows handwritting stone tablets wrote by academician Li Jinxi (Qing Dynasty), metropolitan graduate He Dacong and so on famous  painting treasures. Now the temple is registered by the unit of civilization protection of Leizhou.
Jinghai temple is planning to engrave the couplets  (more than 400), the first period project will engrave the 100 couplets written by more than 200 renowed calligraphers, from 30 provinces and cities. In front of the yard of the temple, a poetry is engraved on a stone tablet, it is the famous sentences that all the previous dynasties had wrote for Leizhou and Jinghai temple.
In front of the memorial gateway, are the precious blue stones engraved, 2,5 meters high and 60 centimters width, which piece together make a giant corridor of handwritiing stone tablets  its height is 2.5 meters, and its width is 25 meters, the inscription has been written by a famous contemporary calligrapher.
The Leizhou Jinghai temple-art stone tablets of corridor were written by  Mr.Shen Peng, the president of calligrapher’s association of China. Here the calligraphy work is rich, and you can discover every styles of calligraphy. It is a great contribution to promote chinese nation outstanding tradition culture, also it is an ideal place for tourists to enjoy the calligraphy art and touch chinese tradition culture. 

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