The tropics agriculture - flourish in four seasons

Xuwen County is a tropical climate area which faces the Hainan Island on the other side of sea, the agricultural planters work throughout the year.
The pineapples spread all over the mountains and fields covering several ten thousand Chinese acres, stretching as far as the eye can see, giving mature fruits in every season, that’s also delicious and amusing. Traveling through this subtropical zone visitors can see the QuJiehouliao village’s forest area, the Dashuiqiao farm agriculture model district and the Xiaoqiao South tropics view of agriculture traveling construction.
The big jack fruits grow up in front of villages, jack trees are big and fruits ripe time long. Fruits taste with wonderful fragrant, that’s tropics good fruits for tourists.
The Lingshangong is a famous ecology demonstration village. Each family growing forest flowers, fruits and melons in the village.
Tourists may also discover the vegetables base (over several ten thousand Chinese acres) which deliver the north part of China, the center of agricultural demonstration where grow Huolong fruits and Taiwan green jujubes and so on modern agriculture bases.  

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