Sights listing
• A brief history of Zhanjiang Dragon’s Dance
• A whole view of the port
• Antique stone dogs
• Beiqiao park (North bridge park)
• Cunjin Bridge
• Cunjin bridge park
• Folk custom lion dance
• Guangzhou bay French Minister bureau's former site
• Haibin park
• Haling village : The most beautiful countryside in Zhanjiang
• Jinghai Temple – the handwritting stone tablets
• Lei family ancestor temple
• Leizhou city – The hometown of Thunder
• Lianjiang city - travel of wonderful fruits
• Man-made Hedi reservoir
• Nanqiao park (South bridge park)
• Peony Pavilion - Tang Xianzu and Guisheng school
• Sea Viewing Promenade
• Silk road of the sea — site of the ancient port in Han Dynasty
• South road revolution commemoration place
• Suwen museum
• The aqueduct of Youth canal
• The Botanical Garden
• The Changzhuyuan ancient castle
• The custom of New year in Lunar calendar
• The Gaoshan temple
• The great offshore coral area in Suwen
• The Lantern festival in Zhanjiang’s villages
• The Qingping Tong’an castle
• The southernmost part of Chinese mainland
• The Thunder culture in Leizhou
• The Tianning temple of Leizhou
• The tropics agriculture - flourish in four seasons
• The West Lake park - commemoration Celebrity Park
• The Wonderful Yingli town
• Time square
• White Sand Bay holyday resort
• Wuchan city - historical famous person and folk art
• Wuyang city
• Yuexi archaeological city museum

The southernmost part of Chinese mainland

Looking at the map of Guangdong Province or Zhanjiang, moving toward the south, you can see the land enters the sea  like a horn of a cattle, this is Lighthouse.
The "Cape of Good Hope" in South Africa, also looks like ‘horn of cattle’ entering the sea which separate the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean. Therefore, the Cape of Good Hope is well known in the world.
But the Lighthouse also separates the South China Sea and Beibu Gulf, similarly the two sea water join together in this melt, making appear on the wave crest the "V" character (victory wave) in a marvelous spray sign. The Lighthouse is located in the most southern of the Chinese mainland, the geographic coordinates : longitude is 109. 55 ', northern latitude  is 2,013 '. The construction of the Lighthouse’s tower was an high symbol. The first Lighthouse has been built in 1894 by the French colonizing in the Leizhou peninsula, the ruins now still remains. In 1950, the Liberation Army of Chinese People marching to liberate Hainan Island, sailed from here, with the fishing boatd provided by fishing household in the Leizhou peninsula, to attack the Hainan Jiang's forces.
The Suwen’s saltern has been occupying large area on Lighthouse, they really became a famous symbol "sea salt corner".  

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