Silk road of the sea — site of the ancient port in Han Dynasty

After martial emperor of Han dynasty decided to end the Qin Shihhuang policy, he developped foreign business and contacts. However, according to the shipbuilding technology of Han Dynasty's, they were not able to build large-scale ships which could resist to the great waves of ocean ; the sea navigation only approached the coastal waters. The most southern tip of the Chinese coast was Xuwen County, which was near the Southeast Asia, also they could sail a boat around the seashore, safe and reliable. Therefore, this place became the earliest harbor for marine foreign business and contact in the Chinese Han Dynasty, it also became an important port during the Han Dynasty, Now the people call this place the "marine silk road initial port”.
During Han Dynasty the concrete places of Suwen ports were Taowang Port, Mofeng Port, Bozhang Port, Tashui Port, Santangsitang Port, Sandun Port, Gangtou Port, Xindi Port and Liyu Port, a very large aera with multitudinous wharfs. The ancient word said :  “if you want to become rich you must move to Suwen. Obviously the commercial harbor was prosperous and populous at that time.
The merchant ships had been transported silk fabrics to Malaysia, Burma, India, Sri Lanka and so on, then brought back foreign jewelries, wonderful stones and others valuables.
Along with the development of ship-building industry, Suwen left the hinterland far away, the land transportation was very difficult and too much expensive. After Tang Dynasty, the Suwen port moved to decline and then completely disappeared, from the famous port only remain indistinct historical vestiges.
Now, when you arrive there, you only see the boundless sea, the multitudinous fishing boats in harbor and some bricks and tiles on the ground. Also you can see the base stone of lighthouse and the table of sacrifice for the spirit of the sea. The multitudinous cultural relics from Han Dynasty’s grave, have been collected in the Suwen county museum. If you want to know the history of Suwen’s port during Han Dynasty, the best way is to start from the museum, then go to the  real port to see.  

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