The Changzhuyuan ancient castle

The old castles do not only exist in western countries, China also has some. The small family of old castels are located in Taishan city and Kaiping Guangdong province (China called its "watchtower"), and they are listed as the world culture inheritance. But this old castles are bigger than this small old castle, which is located in Changzhuyuan village Yingli town Leizhou city.
The Changzhuyuan castle has been constucted between the end of Ming dynasty and the begining of Qing Dynasty. It is four square shapes construction, 65 meters long, 55 meters wide, situated in front of the village.
The old castle is build in stones and bricks, with an outer wall 1.2 meters wide, dividing two floors, the main entrance is wide. The four sides angles have a watchtower ; the north and south watchtowers are several ten meters high to prevents attacks from four directions. On the wall of the castle, everywhere are loopholes and observation holes, no matter enemies or bandits attack from any side, they are unable to resist to the bullets shot from the room. It is said, at the end of the Qing dynasty some thieves attempt to break through the old castle, finally they were seriously hurted and some of them died. The Japaneses also wanted to capture the old castle, they failed and moved back..
The old castle has many rooms, running water and all life facilities are available, but it also provides a wide stage and a botanical garden. In the ancient time, the old castle was used to protect the villagers, now it is a politic, cultural and recreational activity center in the village.
The old castle has already been protected by government, and  is now open to the tourist.