Sights listing
• A brief history of Zhanjiang Dragon’s Dance
• A whole view of the port
• Antique stone dogs
• Beiqiao park (North bridge park)
• Cunjin Bridge
• Cunjin bridge park
• Folk custom lion dance
• Guangzhou bay French Minister bureau's former site
• Haibin park
• Haling village : The most beautiful countryside in Zhanjiang
• Jinghai Temple – the handwritting stone tablets
• Lei family ancestor temple
• Leizhou city – The hometown of Thunder
• Lianjiang city - travel of wonderful fruits
• Man-made Hedi reservoir
• Nanqiao park (South bridge park)
• Peony Pavilion - Tang Xianzu and Guisheng school
• Sea Viewing Promenade
• Silk road of the sea — site of the ancient port in Han Dynasty
• South road revolution commemoration place
• Suwen museum
• The aqueduct of Youth canal
• The Botanical Garden
• The Changzhuyuan ancient castle
• The custom of New year in Lunar calendar
• The Gaoshan temple
• The great offshore coral area in Suwen
• The Lantern festival in Zhanjiang’s villages
• The Qingping Tong’an castle
• The southernmost part of Chinese mainland
• The Thunder culture in Leizhou
• The Tianning temple of Leizhou
• The tropics agriculture - flourish in four seasons
• The West Lake park - commemoration Celebrity Park
• The Wonderful Yingli town
• Time square
• White Sand Bay holyday resort
• Wuchan city - historical famous person and folk art
• Wuyang city
• Yuexi archaeological city museum

Lei family ancestor temple

"Lei family ancestor temple" is for commemorate Chen Wenyu, who was first provincial governor elected in Leizhou during Tang Dynasty, it is also the king of folk thunder’s temples in world.
Why a provincial governor, with a simple rank of city level official, can obtain respect ? That is what the tale about Chen Wenyu says.
During the Chen dynasty, the Leizhou Peninsula was a world of ethnic minority, in political and economic turmoil.
Chen Wenyu’s family was a local hunter’s household in Feng village. One of their hunting dog had 9 ears. Chen Wenyu’s father was good hunter; he usually went hunting with that dog. Before moving, he used to look at the ears of this dog, if one ear moved, he would catch one animal, if two ears moved he would catch two animals, and so on. One day, Chen Wenyu’s father wanted to go hunting, he saw that dog’s nine ears moved together and was really excited. However, he walked half of the day and didn’t get any animal, then he decided to leave and called his special dog which was running around the small wood. Without success.
Chen Wenyu’s father and the other peoples had no choice, they entered the wood to see what happened. They only saw the dog with nine ears digging the loose soil, revealing a giant stone egg. Chen Wenyu’s father brought the egg back to home, then put it in the main hall.
The next day, the weather was gloomy with strong wind, only heard terrific noises, the great thunder with flash lighting hitting the main hall, frighten the whole family. After the thunderclap, they saw the egg shell blossom, a real baby appeared in main hall. He was Chen Wenyu, as peole said, the King of Thunder. This year was the second year of Chen Chaotai (642 A.D.).  

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