Sights listing
• A brief history of Zhanjiang Dragon’s Dance
• A whole view of the port
• Antique stone dogs
• Beiqiao park (North bridge park)
• Cunjin Bridge
• Cunjin bridge park
• Folk custom lion dance
• Guangzhou bay French Minister bureau's former site
• Haibin park
• Haling village : The most beautiful countryside in Zhanjiang
• Jinghai Temple – the handwritting stone tablets
• Lei family ancestor temple
• Leizhou city – The hometown of Thunder
• Lianjiang city - travel of wonderful fruits
• Man-made Hedi reservoir
• Nanqiao park (South bridge park)
• Peony Pavilion - Tang Xianzu and Guisheng school
• Sea Viewing Promenade
• Silk road of the sea — site of the ancient port in Han Dynasty
• South road revolution commemoration place
• Suwen museum
• The aqueduct of Youth canal
• The Botanical Garden
• The Changzhuyuan ancient castle
• The custom of New year in Lunar calendar
• The Gaoshan temple
• The great offshore coral area in Suwen
• The Lantern festival in Zhanjiang’s villages
• The Qingping Tong’an castle
• The southernmost part of Chinese mainland
• The Thunder culture in Leizhou
• The Tianning temple of Leizhou
• The tropics agriculture - flourish in four seasons
• The West Lake park - commemoration Celebrity Park
• The Wonderful Yingli town
• Time square
• White Sand Bay holyday resort
• Wuchan city - historical famous person and folk art
• Wuyang city
• Yuexi archaeological city museum

The West Lake park - commemoration Celebrity Park

The West lake park in center of the Leizhou city.

In the history there was a lake, called Luohu. For commemoration of Su Dongpo arrival its name had been changed to West lake, then had been constructed West Lake park. Also said the Celebrity park.
Kou Huai in West Lake
Kou Huai was prime minister in feudal China during North Song Dynasty, he was a renowned statesman, and had served under three consecutive emperors, incorruptible and rigid in his life, he could even say what he thought to the Emperor. He worked as prime minister in feudal China, under a person, above ten thousand people, but he hadn’t money to construct his own house. Like this kind of honest official, he has been denounced by villains for somes wrong acts he never done, then he suffers innocently hardship, demote again and again, and finally worked as registered permanent residence in Leizhou.
Kou Huai was censured in his old age, also there is no place to explain, he couldn’t serve for his country. Kou Huai was depressed, afterwards he contacted the Leizhou people, they moved with respect and take good care of him, he cheered up and melted into the life of the Leizhou people.
His house nearby West Lake, where frequently full of guests, they talk cheerfully and humorously.
Kou Huai has lived in Leizhou for one more year, before he unfortunately died of illness. The posterity respects his high character and integrity manner, his house have been changed in ancestral hall. Now, Kou Huai’s ancestral hall has been repaired, restored to the original design, and people commemorates him forever with his statue,.

Su Dongpo in West Lake

Maybe Su Dongpo and his brother were unfortunate, and Leizhou was fortunate. Su Shi and his brother Su Zhe unexpectedly arrived together to Leizhou.
During the fourth year of North Song Dynasty Shaosheng (in 1097), Ministry of Rites Shangshu Su Dongpo (renowned literator, poet, one of Tang Song eight great writers of the Tang dynasty), was demoted from the Huizhou of Guangdong to the Zhanzhou of Hainan.
At that time, his younger brother Su Zhe (famous poet and writer) was also demoted from Nanjing to the Haikang of Guangdong (now Leizhou). They met in the Teng county of Guangxi province, then arrived together to Leizhou. Su Dongpo only had stayed for several days in Leizhou with his younger brother, and then moved toward Hainan. After three years, Su Dongpo came back from Hainan, arrived Leizhou once more, but his younger brother’s already gone.
Although Su Dongpo had a short trip in Leizhou, but the Leizhou people respect him, his manner and his keen intelligence, they changed the names of every places he have been to commemorate the man. For instance the  "Luo lake" became "West Lake", the village where he two times been, now called Sure village from “litchi village”, the place where he has lived changed to "Dongpo range" from "Tailiu range". Also for "the civilized academy", "the Songming academy", "the ink stone pavilion" (all is well-known because of Dongpo),  "the Dongpo pavilion" located in West Lake, and "Bie lake pavilion", and so on for the new constructions they build to commemorate Su Dongpo.

The Ten worthy ancestors hall in West Lake

The Ten worthy ancestors hall is inside West Lake park, with Kou Huai worthy ancestor in the same architectural complex.
This ten worthy ancestors hall was constructed by officer Yu Yinglong in Xianchun tenth years Song Dynasty (in 1224), who invited Wen Tianxiang to write " The record of the Ten worthy ancestors in Leizhou ".
From Song Shaosheng to Shaoxing (half a century), the history counts ten people : Prime minister Kou Huai, grand secretary Su Dongpo, Si Jian Su Zhe, Censor Wang Yansou,  the compiler of national history courtyard Qin Guan, the (Zuo zheng yan) officer Ren Boyu, Prime Minister Li Gang, Prime Minister Zhao Ding, the (Si Feng) officer Li Guang, the compiler of Privy Council Hu Quan) which have been altogether ten royal governments high-ranking officials, all famous and honest officials, they had a remarkable achievement in their history, but all were demoted to Leizhou or demoted to Hainan through Leizhou. Yu Yinglong had a strong respect for this group of national officials, therefore he build the ancestral hall to let the common people forever record.
The Ten worthy ancestors hall stand nearby side of West Lake. The main hall has ten virtuous statues, the east wing of building records facts of the ten virtuous. Wen Tianxiang carved "the Leizhou Ten Virtuous Halls Record" in the stone, which inlay in the main entrance.

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