Sights listing
• A brief history of Zhanjiang Dragon’s Dance
• A whole view of the port
• Antique stone dogs
• Beiqiao park (North bridge park)
• Cunjin Bridge
• Cunjin bridge park
• Folk custom lion dance
• Guangzhou bay French Minister bureau's former site
• Haibin park
• Haling village : The most beautiful countryside in Zhanjiang
• Jinghai Temple – the handwritting stone tablets
• Lei family ancestor temple
• Leizhou city – The hometown of Thunder
• Lianjiang city - travel of wonderful fruits
• Man-made Hedi reservoir
• Nanqiao park (South bridge park)
• Peony Pavilion - Tang Xianzu and Guisheng school
• Sea Viewing Promenade
• Silk road of the sea — site of the ancient port in Han Dynasty
• South road revolution commemoration place
• Suwen museum
• The aqueduct of Youth canal
• The Botanical Garden
• The Changzhuyuan ancient castle
• The custom of New year in Lunar calendar
• The Gaoshan temple
• The great offshore coral area in Suwen
• The Lantern festival in Zhanjiang’s villages
• The Qingping Tong’an castle
• The southernmost part of Chinese mainland
• The Thunder culture in Leizhou
• The Tianning temple of Leizhou
• The tropics agriculture - flourish in four seasons
• The West Lake park - commemoration Celebrity Park
• The Wonderful Yingli town
• Time square
• White Sand Bay holyday resort
• Wuchan city - historical famous person and folk art
• Wuyang city
• Yuexi archaeological city museum

Leizhou city – The hometown of Thunder

The hometown of king Thunder, so called is Leizhou city. The city use this new image to attract the people to visit the sites.
Leizhou city (originally called Haikang county), which is located in “abdomen” of  Leizhou peninsula, is situated 77 kilometers from Zhanjiang, it is the biggest area level city’s county in Yuexi, with total area of 3,532 square kilometers and 1.5 million inhabitants.
Meteorological science says there is two famous thunder’s areas in the world, Indonesian Javan island and Chinese Leizhou peninsula. It’s said Chen Wenyu, who was the first provincial governor elected in Leizhou during Tang Dynasty, was born by thunder striking a stone. After he died, Emperor of Tang Dynasty decided to construct “the ancestor temple of Lei family" for commemoration. Chen Wenyu became the first ancestor of King’s thunder. Everywhere in Leizhou peninsula, vistors can see thunder temples. The Stone Dogs also concern the thunder king story (see “ Lei family ancestor temple ”). Therefore, Leizhou is said to be the hometown of king Thunder and all the gods of thunder in the world must listen to the king thunder in Leizhou.
In myth Leizhou, the history of Leizhou is long and glorious, the historical relics are rich and colorful. Leizhou is the first batch historical city in China where has been collected the most interesting pieces covering 5000 years history in the peninsula.
5000 years ago, ancestors were fishing and hunting in this area, the stone tools found there are the proofs.

In Qing Dynasty, the Leizhou belong to Chu country.
Qin Shihhuang (259-210 B.C) founded the first unified centralized feudal dynasty in China in 211 B.C) and opened up the five ridges of the mountain, Leizhou is one of the five ridges to be developed.
In the first period of Han Dynasty, General Fu Bo, participated in battles to southern, stationed troops in Leizhou, the Fu Bo temple is still preserved complete.
Since Han Dynasty, Leizhou had continued to govern the county and the state, until the  Republic of China, the Leizhou city is politic, economy and cultural center in Leizhou peninsula, it is also the center of unique thunder culture history.
The Leizhou’s people are proud of their glorious history, regarding their own history and the cultural relics as a treasure, performs to dig up, then repair and protect, from generation to generation, until present.
Arriving in Leizhou, it is easy to see the historical sites, the cultural relics are multitudinous, antique style cover in each village. Hundreds of places have cultural relics of national, provincial, city and county level.
Therefore, come to Leizhou city, enjoy history and culture, try to open the old tale.

The main scenic spot in Leizhou city includes:
△ ancestral hall
△ West Lake park
△ ten virtuous ancestral halls
△ Kou Huai’s ancestral hall
△ Sanyuan pagoda and exhibition center of Antique Stone Dog
△ Jiulong mountain—nature protection area
△ Yingli mountain and its historical relic
△ Wu Shi—Tianchengtai tourist resort
△ Liusha pearl village
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