The Botanical Garden

South subtropics plants research institute, which was founded by the national agriculture and reclamation in 1954, where is three kilometers from the north side of the Huguang lake. The botanical garden is one of the eight famous sceneries in Zhanjiang.

The botanical garden is wonderful, which is base of south subtropics economical plant's scientific research in our country, here collection verious of plants in our country and in the world serveral kind of the palm tree, the woody plants, the herb, the liana and so on tropics economical crop studies ; there are different curious flowers, the biggest palm tree in the world "Beiye plam", the world most wonderful fruit in the world "mystery fruit’’ (after eat that mystery fruit, then change all the sour fruit to sweet), poison tree, sugar plam, the high quality mango, all kind of pomegranate and the Australian nut, has fragrance strong coffee and tea. The senior of revolutionary Zhu De, Deng Xiaoping, Guo Moruo, the Song ping all have been all have here. What about you plan to come ?

While enter the garden, only see wonderful green clump, the abundance of color flowers, the tall palm tree like nice lady standing in the lawn, full of yulan’s smell around you with wind, swiming fish and water lily in limpid lake. Some people admired flowers or pick up the fruits, some people serious are listening to the tourguide to explain characteristic each kind of plants, some people in bake the fish, some people are playing cards on the ground, some people taking picture, the children jump in the flowering bush, the middle-aged person and old person are drinking the coffee and discuss, good prosperous times leisurely and carefree chart.

The subtropics botanical garden is travel place and the provincial level scenic spot, also is base of the young people popular science education. In the garden has provided the professional tourguide, if you like, also may invite here expert professor teach knowledge of many plants, specially techology offruit and flowers planter.

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