The Lantern festival in Zhanjiang’s villages

The Lantern Festival is traditional holiday in China, it takes place on the 15th of lunar January, on the evening people use to enjoy the sight of lanterns. In Zhanjiang, this festival is called Nianli, it integrates festival of lanterns, temple celebrations, commemoration day of the ancestors immigration, and so on.

After celebrating the chinese new year, the different villages begin to prepare the ‘Nianli’. Each village chooses its own day, so people can move to other villages to share the Nianli with neighbours from others districts.

Most of the village's ‘Nianli’ stay on the first month of lunar calendar, begining from the second day until the end of the month. Many village's Nianli are celebrated on 15th or 16th lunar January, so it is a nice time to visit the village. In most villages, Nianli lasts one day, but in some villages the festival lasts 3 days. The activities of Nianli are various, including : Chinese God parade, blessing chinese god for long life and richness, drums and gongs, lanterns parade, dragon’s dance, lion dance, fireworks, theatre, playing with friends and relatives during the night. During Nianli, many people come to see their friends without invitation, all the family will welcome them with rich meal and wine. The guests will give red envelopes to the children. 

Now, Nianli change from folk customs to special cultural event in Zhanjiang area.

(source : Yinsha)


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