Beiqiao park (North bridge park)

The North bridge park is located in Chekan area , where converging the South bridge river and north bridge river. It was constructed south the bridge park in upper stream of the south bridge river upstream in 2003 year. The North bridge park total area is 89 Chinese acres, there are sports area, child entertainment area, fog of summit square, central square and so on in the garden. The south side of the north bridge river links gate ball field, the skating rink, the playground, the keep fit footpath; the mass recreation activities centre composed of Pulling the curtain stage and the central square. Stand "River Loves" the sculpture represents two rivers with English "R" to converge, symbolizes the north and south bridge river to finish the
pollution discharge of project .
North bridge park being completed, where is another good leisure place. The opening that day, comes the resident which tours to be continuous, and the showing acrobatics sing, dance with the Yangko, the gymnastic exercises and so on the many kinds of activities, has filled the jubilation with auspicious and the warm festive atmosphere.

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