Nanqiao park (South bridge park)

There is ancient name ‘Nanxi river’ by South the bridge river, which crosses the Chekan area, It’s the biggest nature river in the urban district. And same time it’s the biggest flood discharge river course. The South bridge river, north the bridge river started from 1997 to renovate. South the bridge park completes, while the pollution discharge of project about the south bridege river divide into three preriod, the two parts have combined scenic spot near river from north bridge park and renovating the coverging north bridge river and south bridge river. The South bridge park also is one of the good leisure and entertainment place for location people.

The South bridge park is one of plan to build in Zhanjiang , which special plan to construct garden with afforests during 1997 - 2010 year. The total area of park is 127.5 Chinese acres. The south bridge park has been building in December 2002, almost completed basic construction. The south bridge park is new park after Zhanjiang has been found in 17 years and salo it has been opened the port in Chekan area for 800 years, which the first near the River.

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