“Hong Zoulou” first cruise


By “yinsha” This afternoon (April 26), Cruiser of “Hong Zouiou” first time appear on Zhanjiang Harbor. City Political Consultative Conference president Huang Guowei , Deputy Mayor Zhao Ping, and Director of Zhanjiang Tourism Bureau Lin Hong, and the leaders of the Zhanjiang Harbor group company attended the ceremony and cut the ribbon for the new ship. After the ceremony, Cruiser of “Hong Zouiou" started from the Zhanjiang Harbor passenger wharf to carry on the first trip.

Deputy Mayor Zhao Ping had pleasure to express the congratulations to "Hong Zouiou". He said that, the characteristic Zhanjiang traveling image was unceasingly improved, Zhanjiang suddenly reveals day by day as the traveling destination attraction and the competitive ability. "The harbor takes in all the beautiful scenery" the start which the high-quality goods line, lets the resident witness the Zhanjiang industry construction result, stimulates the resident to promote Zhanjiang's fervor, the firm resident "sets up the city in the industry, to the port is popular the city" under the developmental strategy guidance, diligently struggles, to promote the Zhanjiang economy. Deputy Mayor Zhao Ping also encourages the traveling department to use "the national garden city" the gold-lettered signboard, makes, recommends the Zhanjiang traveling brand with all one's strength, the realization continues the fast health development, speeds up the construction modernization emerging harbor industrial city and the beautiful south seashore city, makes bigger contribution to our city.

Zhanjiang Tourism Bureau Lin Hong made the speech at the first voyage ceremony. She appeals the general cadre staff of the whole city traveling profession speeds up the traveling product development, strengthens the high-quality goods scenic area construction, makes the traveling brand with joint forces, the strengthened profession management, the enhancement traveling quality benefit.

This is a collection goes sightseeing, the tour, the dining is a body large-scale pleasure boat, is one of present home biggest glass fiber reinforced plastic pleasure boats, captain 32 meters, the width 7.6 meters, the double-decked cabin, may hold more than 140 people to take a seat. The harbor swims had the big boat necessary facility, may meet tourist's different need. Moreover, the pleasure boat special-purpose wharf already put into the use. It is reported, this decoration is lofty, the environment comfortable pleasure boat, mainly navigates the route from the Zhanjiang Harbor passenger transportation wharf after the bulk cargo wharf, arrives 200,000 tons iron ore wharves, meets oil tanker is embarking toward 300,000 tons, but also passes through especially assumes the island mangrove forest, finally returns to the initial sending spot. The participation "the harbor takes in all the beautiful scenery" the resident which the high-quality goods line swims, will have the opportunity as soon as will see "south China the big port" the grand appearance.

Origin: yinsha website