The cruise ships come back in Zhanjiang's harbor


Report: Zhengle

On 27th November 2007 the cruise ship "Star libra" came back to Zhanjiang again after 5 years. That cruise ship come from the Hong Kong Star Cruise company, the third biggest cruise company in the world. More than 1,500 tourists came from all over the world to take the cruise ship " Star libra" and visit Zhanjiang.

5 years ago, the "Star lion", another cruise ship of this company was in Zhanjiang. After 5 years another luxurious boat stopped in Zhanjiang again. It is a sign of tourism development. Mayor Chen Yaoguang and Deputy Mayor Mai Jiaomeng went on board to attend the celebration ceremony of visiting Zhanjiang. After warm welcomes and congratulations, Mayor Chen Yaoguang said that, since the cruise ship "Star lion " first visited Zhanjiang in 2002, it has brought thousands tourists from Hong Kong, Macao and other countries, it is a friendship bridge connection between Zhanjiang and Hong Kong. This time the cruise ship visits Zhanjiang again, it makes relationship stronger between Zhanjiang and Hong Kong, helps the development of travel market in Zhanjiang, and also speeds up the tourism development, all of these are important elements for the city. Mayor Chen Yaoguang hopes the Cruise ship will often visit Zhanjiang. He also wishes we make the tourism business stronger and double cooperation through the market interaction and resources sharing.

Mr. Wu Mingfa, development market manager said that Zhanjiang is one of the main harbor cities located in southern China, it is an important place for tourism of cruise ships devellopment. Until now, we have had a close cooperation with Zhanjiang people. At the ceremony, Chen Yaoguang and Wu Mingfa exchanged some gifts, it is a symbol of friendship bewteen Zhanjiang and Hong Kong. Hong kong – Zhanjiang cruise The Cruise ship "Star libra" is 216 meters long, 28 meters large, its displacement is more than 42,000 tons ; it offers 740 cabins, and may carry more than 1,500 passengers. The Star libra provides a large performance hall, a computer games center, a swimming pool, a basketball playground, conference rooms, gym and leisure facilities, and so on..

The cruise starts from Hong Kong and goes directly to Zhanjiang, the round-trip journey is two days and half. Until March 2008, the cruise ship will visit Zhanjiang two times per month bringing more visitors to Zhanjiang city.

Source : Yinsha

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