Huguang Lake

This is a national geology park, is a national AAAA rated traveling area, is the national key scenery scenic spot area, also is the education base of national young people. The volcanos lake area totals 4.7 square kilometer (the water surface of the crater cover 2.3 square kilometers), which have been worn four national levels laurel crown and have been taking a step to the world geology park.

Rare geological treasure is found in the world, which also is confirmed after the United Nations and by authoritative geological scientist of Germany, that Huguangyan is typical Masurium Ergu the crater in the world. The research promulgates, that Huguangyun was formed by a massive volcanic eruption about apart from now 140,000-160,000 years ago, the blazing rock magma wells up from the earth's crust crack, met one another with the deposit formation of underground water, has happened with intense detonation, which to cause the massive steam, the rock magma and the detritus rock spray from the crater. After the volcanic eruption stoped, that was formed the very deep volcanic crater, latter which were filled with the adjacent formation caves and underground water, and then was formed Maar lake. Also 3 Maar lake located in southern Leizhou peninsula :Tianyang, Qingtong and Jiudouyang, was a pity have been all dry and become farmlands. It’s really the sea of fire changes the mulberry field, only Maar lake in China and Germany's Masurium Erhu the mysterious were remained up to now, that caused by rare geological treasure in found in the world.

The database of ancient climate and environment

Huguangyu Maar Lake has been deposited through repeatedly several ten thousand years, forms more than 400 meters formations of deposition. Because the shore of lake shore shuts like nature well, the external interference are few, these deposit really have recorded more than 100,000 for years climate, the environment change condition. According to the analysis, the information resolution which records may precisely until a year in each quarter.Chinese and the German scientists cooperated to research Huguangyun since 1997, which carries change on the global, which is become initial place of Maar lake in China. In addition, on several tens meter high sheer cliff, also may observe condition and so on frequency which the summit of volcanic crack, actually that’s good place for research and popularization volcanic geology.

Maar lake’s beauty

Up to Nanyue lion mountain ridge, and then go up to three floor’s Wang restaurant again, a panoramic view of Huguang lake from the third floor of Wang restaurant: A giant bright mirror, that is water surface of the Maar lake. Four sides is surrounding frame of emerald green, that is the bund of crater and the forest. Walking in the surrounding lake, only sees cliff, the strange stone towers,the ancient tree and root cross each other, full of cool breeze and fresh air, waves layer upon layer with surface of the lake. According to measured that, this wind is full of hight density anoin, it’s good for people. This water, which may treat an illness, also improve and smooth skin. After many years has been constructed, there is volcano cliff area, high density anoin content area, tea dealer’s shop in the forest, Leizhou ancient courtyard, volcano exhibition hall, Lengyan ancient temple, the Baiyi nunnery, the east gate scenery, bakes the camp cooking, building for appreciate sea , the tropical rain forest and so on more than 20 scenic spots.

Mystical riddle

Unusual and so far unexplained phenomena are connected with Huguang lake. The process of self-purificatioh of the crystal clear water filling the crater is one of these phenomena. Thick stands of monsoon forest grow around the lake and naturally the wind blows many leaves into the lake. However these leaves and twigs mysteriously vanish very quickly. Equally interesting is that neither frogs nor snakes live in the lake while plenty of fish,shirmp and big turtles are thriving there.Why is the water of middle lower than surface lake water 30 centimeters? The lake water maintains all year steadily, even the drought is not dry, waterlogging nonspillable, why is this? A each one truth, waits for you to reveal. Opening hour:

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