Mysterious ancient camphor tree

The camphor tree are full of precious and fragrant, which is southward one kind of unique natural species. Anyway they had been cut down in serveral hundred year, so the ancient camphor tree forest has been destroyed seriously, now more and more difficult to find them.

Luckly there is located 4 kilometers from southern Huguang Lake, that’s the ancient camphor tree forest has been kept in 300 years, and called "Yunjiao ancient camphor tree forest with mystery".

That’s ancient camphor tree forest of the natural ancestor forest, which total number more than 300. The camphor tree forest surrounds by the countryside, they distribute ingeniously and constrast each other. Enters in the forest, only sees ancient towering tree , hanging the ancient cane, both the branches and blot out the sky and cover the sun, the cool breeze is blowing from the forest, brings the fragrance of combine camphor tree and countryside. While walking along the forest, need more than 3 hour through that. Here full of oxygen and anoin although walking 3 hours, won’t feel tired.

In chinese legend, champhor have exorcises evil spirits the divining an auspicious wedding day marvelous ability. The villagers, who come from theYunjiao village, regard camphor tree is lucy tree. Every Spring Festival, all the villager bring the cooked animal, fruits, incenses and candles, hold in the domestic animal fruits every year, has the incenses and candles, holds in the forest obeisance the forest ceremony. Before the liberation the guerrilla to avoid pursue and capture, and entered the forest, then no good terms, hearsay,after that ancient camphor tree like true God.

Under the party politics institution and department's support in Zhanjiang in 2004, Yunjiao village develop ancient camphor tree forest become to leisure traveling area. Establishes the countryside city, where drinks tea, the co tradition amusement, the style of antiquity amusement leisure and so on camp cooking, rusticity diet goes against item. The partial of projects have been open for business in 2005 Spring Festival, later will be increased the amusement vacation content.