The Naozhou island

The marvelous sight fuse fire and water

The Naochou island is the farthest to the Zhanjiang urban district, is island the nearest to the South China Sea deep water area, is the biggest volcanic island in China. Under the boundless ocean, island looks like an emerald , its totals 56 square kilometers. The Naochou was formed 400,000 years ago, while the volcanic from seabed crash with magma piles up, then became to island. This one of the eight famous sceneries inZhanjiang, it’s name " ancient style of Naochou", the southeast of the island, which side right in front South China Sea, and it’s bring stormy wave , the volcanic rock effloresce into all sorts of strange and unusual cliff with prism form, the deposition cliff and the meteorolite’s sort of stone egg are found everywhere in the shore. Startled wave strikes the stone, the spray shoots up to the sky, "bang" is ear-spitting, mist like cloud. In seashore with stone traveling area, wonderful rock and sandy beach coexistence, seawater is clear and translucent, the sea with high density salt, it’s the best place to swim and play wave.

The most famous abalone and lobster

Around the seabed of Naochou island, covers entirely the volcano rock and the cavern, the seaweed is lush, coral is covered luxuriant, is the heaven for fish and shrimp crab. Several ten thousand inhabitants on the island, the majority are engaged in marine product of fishing for and the cultivation, the Naochou fishing port have thousand ships, is the big famous national level fishing port. Here produces the abalone, slippery tasty by the real meat becomes the high quality goods, now is the brand name marine product, the selling price expensively becomes compared to other abalones doubles. Here lobster lives is in the deep water of stone cave, specially fertile and strong, is thte high-grade goods in the lobster. Quality superior but output a few, if want to eat really Naochou’s abalone and lobster, as best comes up the island and eats natural fish, the red crab, the Dongfeng snail and the fragrant banana.

Historical site of emperor (Song dynasty)and ancient lighthouse

The Naochou island although is small, the historical site fame is not small. When the Southern Song Dynasty royal government becomes a fugitive, had been stationed on the island for four months. Now survives the historical site has Xianglon academy, village of Song emperor, well of Song emperor, Sanzhong loyal temples and so on. Anyway had been constructed the ancient lighthouse in 1899, is one of two which the present world only saves (another is the London international lighthouse) the crystal millor with furbishing lighthouse. The lighthouse constructed in the most high place, the light may shine more than 20 nautical miles, now still is the navigation lighthouse, revolving the light illuminates by lighthouse the whole of islands and the level of sea, really marvelous sight. In 1996, the lighthouse included preservation organ of the nation key cultural relic.

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