Jizhao bay

Jizhao bay is located in Tanba town Wunchan county, easthern South China Sea. It is  a Guangdong provincial level traveling vacation area. The great waves strike the stone, the stones facing the wave, and in the same time waves and stones look like flower fly and jade walk. That’s very grand scene. But what about the group of people playing with waves, it seems to be a crowd of sea-birds, jumping and floating on the crest of waves.
The Jizhao bay Holiday Resort, which area total is 13 square kilometer, is composed by  the white stone beach, the sandy beach, the coconut forest, the banyan forest, this place provides the obvious tropical characteristics  of seashore sight. This combination of sightseeing, swimming, waves playing and traveling is an ideal place to spend holydays. A special place is the reef, which looks like  a group of peoples in differesnt poses and with different expressions, this reef stands erect along the shore for several kilometers, that’s very rare. Since 1994, with the province authorization for holiday resorts construction, the Jizhao bay has been built up with more than 20 hotels and restaurants. They offer complete facilities with food services, trade and entertainments.At the same time they may receive several hundred tourists groups.
Nearby the Jizhao bay, which covers fishing village and the small fishing port, the fisherman lifes is rich and varied, the seafood  are both fresh  and low prices, especially the skin of jellyfish and the snails, the taste is very delicious.
Jizhao bay is 80 kilometers from Zhanjiang, and 13 kilometers from the Wuchan center, which can be reached with highway No 325, the transportation is convenient.

Chen Lanbin former dwelling

Chen Lanbin (1816-1894) was the first Chinese elected as America ambassador. In our contemporary diplomacy history he is a well-known character. He was born in Huangpo village (Huangpo town Wuchan city). His former dwelling is made of bricks, wood and tiles, covering 420 square meters, it has been kept in very well condition.

Martyr Zhang Yan former dwelling

Zhang Yan(1902-1945) come from Tangshi Zhangshan village Wuchan city village. He was general of the Kuomintang 19 route armies, he led the Wuchan’s people rise in arms to resist Japanese army invasion of China in 1945, then he was kill by Jiang Jieshi on March 22nd in the same year. People's Government admit posthumously Zhang Yanwei  as a revolutionary martyr in 1958.
Now Zhang Yan former dwelling  has been kept well, it became a base for education of revolutionary tradition.