Donghai Island : the provincially approved tourist resort

Donghai is one of the longest sand beaches in souther world from south world, which is 28 kilometer in length. That’s Donghai island provicial level traveling vacation area, where has been built in the east side sandy beach of island, Which facing the South China Sea, and facing the Naochou through the South China Sea. The 2 kilometers bathing beaches in vacation area and the multitudinous aquatic amusement facility. Here wind and wave is strong, plunges into in the sea , or the driving water-motor, or takes in a net together with the fisherman fishing, then eats the seafood in the beach camp cooking camping, all of that will make visitor reluctant to leave this picturesque region. Also may drive speeds along in the sand beach, looks at islands seashore, pick up the shell, or to visit the fishing village.

The vacation area has each kind of scale the guesthouse and the villa, usually may enter as necessary, are different the house rent several from dozens Yuan to several hundred Yuan. The seafood restaurant provides the fresh marine product. Specially must enjoy the pearl oyster, the stove crab, soup mixed from different fish, putty the skin of jellyfish, the small lobster, as well as each kind of shellfish, these all are Donghai Island's characteristic marine products.

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