Deer farm

Deer farm is the biggest raises deer base in South of China area, which is the ecology demonstration garden in Guangdong Province. That’s one of the one-day rout scient spot, which collection eco-tourism, shopping leisure, popular science education to a body scenic spot in Zhanjiang. It’s 1 kilometer apart from northern Huguang Lake, the total area of Deer farm almost one hundred Chinese acres. Together with the Huguang Lake, the South subtropics botanical garden constitute the link lake eco-tourism circle, here full of fresh air, scenery serene and beautiful, is ideal natural "oxygen" place in Zhanjiang.

The color of Sika is beautiful, the gross temperament midew, its worth to admire and its representative of propitious and happy. In this deer's paradise, everywhere the carpet of green grass, the flower’s fragrance full of air, peaceful path. Here have more than 200 various varieties of deers, you may appreciate the most beautiful sika, the caribou, the red deer, also tease the deer, feed the deer and ride the deer, taste baking the venison, taste mellow deer wine and play with characteristic amusement activity, heartily enjoys the animal husbandry traveling the leisurely and carefree pleasure, affably lives the pressure, return to nature, relaxes oneself. At same time may select and purchase good pilose antler, muscle of deer, flagellum of deer, tail of deer and so on secondary product and series of deer wine showing in deer product hall, which is suitable price. Deer farm is good place for the tourist travel to sightsee and develop science activity for the elementary and middle school , also good place for the camp bakes. Deer farm welcome you. Opening hour: 7: 40- - 18: 00