The Xiexie mountain and the wild litchi forest

 The Xiexie mountain is standing Xiexie village, located 5 kilometers southeast of Liandcheng town in Lianjiang.The mountain is formed by two peaks, with a total area of 1,300 Chinese acres.
The forest is verdant and wonderful, especially with the wild litchis all over the mountain. This is the only place in mainland China where the wild litchi survives. Because this resource is extremely rare, the Xiexie mountain is not only an ecologic protection area, but also a mystical travel area. Tourists will appreciate the different  kinds of  wild litchis in the forest, climb up the summit with wonderful stones, listen to the bird’s song and the legends, taste the sweet sour litchis, feeling return to nature.

The story of Xiexie mountain

Before the village has been existing, Yang Qin was living under the mountain, he was working as compiler in academy for Ming dynasty. While he left office to come back home, the emperor Zhu Di gave him a pair of shoes. In order not to forget the emperor's graciousness, after Yang Qin returned to the village, he changed  the name of  Shizi mountain to Xiexie mountain, which were standing in the back of  his house. The name of ‘Xiexie’ mountain remained until now. In the mountain, an academy stone chair reminds the place where Yang Qin has been studying. Also it’s said that during the Tang Song Dynasty, the emperor used to eat litchis which came from XieXie Mountain. To carry these fruits trought the mountain, he had to pay a tribute.
Yang high-rank imperial concubine eats litchi, which was brought from the Xiexie mountain by specialists. That’s the really wonderful litchi’s mountain.