The mangrove forest

Maybe you have seen a lot of strange trees on the mountain, not always see the strange marine trees. The mangrove, is the only tree can grow in sea. Because of its trunk fruit showing red, it is called mangrove.
The mangrove forest grows in the sea shore of tropic oceans or shallow seas. Generally mangrove is constitued with green bushs or small arbors, tight and close, root group cruded, with many branch, the leaves are thick and hard. When the tide rises, the branches and leaves are nearly submerged by the sea, when the tide draws back, the whole trunk stand  on the beach. Because the mangrove forest protects the seacoast from erosion, protects the fishs, the birds reproduction place, therefore it is listed as a protected species by the United Nations and various countries.
For now scientists have listed 24 branches of  different mangrove forest varieties, covering  85 species. China  counts 16 branches and 31 species, Zhanjiang counts 15 branches and 29 species. The total mangrove’s aera is about 170,000 Chinese acres, it occupies the half of China. In 1997, the State Council included mangrove forest in the national level nature protection area of Zhanjiang.
The Lianjiang city Gaoqiao mangrove forest covers an area of 40,000 Chinese acres ; it is the biggest continued piece area of mangrove forest in China. The varieties of Gaoqiao mangrove forest are many, the age of this mangrove is old, landscape is beautiful, it hideaways all sorts of strange and unusual animals,  and became  a unique traveling resources.
Here has been  initially completed a  sightseeing area of mangrove forest, the tourist may visit the mangrove forest, or stand in the high pavilion to look far away, or take the boat and pass the boundless forest to go to the sea. Here, you will also find lodgings, food services and so on.
The Gaoqiao mangrove forest is located 80 kilometers from Zhanjiang and 60 kilometers from Lianjiang city. Driving a car, after arrived in Zhanjiang, you must follow highways No 325 until the sign to Gaoqiao’s mangrove forest protected area, then turn left and drive 4 kilometers, about one hour to arrive.
Usually the tourist may take the bus in Haitian long distance bus station or Mazhang bus station  in Zhanjiang, then get the bus which go toward  Gaoqiao, Shankuo and the line of Beihai, then stop at ‘Gaoqiao mangrove forest seafood city’ station, then take other transportation vehicles to enter.
You may also contact with Zhanjiang’s or Lianjiang’s  travel agency. 

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