Techeng island

The name of the Techeng island origin is not clear, perhaps is the God of the Earth especially assumes for Zhanjiang's special islands. Especially assumes the island only to have 3 nautical miles to the urban district, the area only 3.6 square kilometers, it located in among of canal of the Zhanjiang harbor, so that here is good natural port. 

In 10th April 2003, President Hu Jintao inspected to Zhanjiang, also came to Techeng island. President Hu kindly conversed with the farmer on the island, the forever trail and the sound causes up island in all of its glory . The Xiashan area steps up traveling construction on the island.

The Techeng island has several special traveling spots: first, arrives southwest side of Island, mangrove forest surrounding half island. The mangrove forest growing up steadily over a thousand years, showing green all round and attracting bird team. During enters in the forest, only sees big sturding root of mangrove group , with flexure bole, the branches and leaves thrive, string of fruits, all of nice scene for every person who comes here.

On edge of the mangrove forest , the offer sacrifice temple stand erect in high place, where’s first Chinese history heroine Madame Xian. The heroine try to made unity in nation in her life two thousand years ago, also once led troops to repel marine invader, the island preserved its safe. The people who lives in island are thinking about Madame Xian, and set up the temple for commemoration, the incense and candle millennium do not fade. We also burn incense for memory hero.

After did obeisance Madame Xian, passed through fishing household stockaded village on the island , arrives the northeast side of island, presents "marine fishing village", where surrounding area several mile. This is the biggest " the fish arranges " base of Yuesi area , raises each kind of sea fish and conch, what continuously supplies Zhanjiang and surrounding the area. We stand in platform where enjoy the sight of fish and sea, and feeling pleasurea .

Afterwards, we arrive to white sandy beach opposite of the Zhanjiang harbor, takes a view of that modern port city and elegant huge ship, also fishing boat swings the wave.

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