Luogang mountain range

Leave from Zhanjiang and drive 30 kilometers in south direction along the No.207 highway, Luogang mountain range stands on the right side of the red land, also called the ‘first peak’ in Suixi (historic site of volcanic craters). Then follow the road until come the peak of mountain, when you look far away you discover the whole scenery. The forest of sugarcane fluttering in the wind, the green eucalyptus ‘sea’, rice fields with golden border, the road far away, the lake like a mirror,  the blue sky flecked by white clouds, all of this makes a good scenery of Leizhou’s land.

The tree seed’s base (advanced technical national level).
After getting down from the Luogang mountain range, visit the base of tree seeds. In this place, scientists research about south tree seeds cultivation with advanced technical equipments, and the flowered branch and seedlings are also a scenic spot for tourists.
The layout of base botanical garden, the flowers and trees, the well-proportioned lake, the building, everything is unusual. In the botanical garden, have a look at the reproduction process of mysterious vegetation, enjoy the advanced moving greenhouse, the sprays for the fog to fill the plants, and the computers which control the heat. You also could play with water and catch fishes, bakes the camp cooking, play tennis, or stay in a villa, that’s really good place for holiday.  

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