Bao eco-tourism village

The Bao village is a fishermen village in Longtang town (Xuwen County) (15 kilometers from the town center). At the beginning of the 16th century, the Bao Wenkui, who was the descendant of Bao Zheng, a famous statesman in Northern Song Dynasty, took along a wife to settle down to this place, therefore called village Bao. Until now it is more than 300 years history.
The Bao village is build near the sea, protected from the wind by a forest of 2,300 Chinese acres. The forest is peaceful and quiet, birds twitter and fragrance of flowers. Charming Qing’an bay, sandy looks like silver, seabed gentle and nature. The rugged reefs get different poses and expressions on the shore. Two capes, the cape Paiwei and the cape Pengliao extend their lands to the deep sea, just like the huge double dragon go to sea. When Hainan Island was liberated, here was the headquarters front and the operational base, looking to the Haikou city with the sea, it seems like a mirage.
The Bao village exploits this unique resource of eco-tourism development, sightseeing wonderful  scenic spots : the brand of the village, Bao culture, Jingbi lake, Longtu stream, natural forest, the Mingjing fruits,  Baima Temple and so on. The village offers the tourists a bathing place, boating, listening music and enjoy dance, bakes, fishes and shrimps fish. The visitor may stay in fishing village, experiences the original fishes work and the fisherman life. It is also a sea operational training base, moving the education into entertainment.  

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