Double mountain peak

The Double mountain peak, is  the highest mountain peak in Lianjiang, 382 meters high. When you climb up the top of the mountain,  you can get a whole view of the Lianjiang’s land.
Double mountain  has the biggest wild Shanren (a kind of fruit) forest in China. The Shanren  cover all the mountain, stretch as far as eye can see, nobody know for how many years these trees have been grown, some of Shanren trees are 2 meters height, branches and leaves luxuriant, there is almost no place between the trees. In April and May, Shanren bloom, the mountain seems dressed with flower clothes. Walking  among of the flower, you feel like really drunk with the beauty.  Until August, all the Shanren fruits ripe, the mountain become full of purple sweet fruits, pick up and eat, your mouth become red. You can’t find other place like this one.
The Double mountain peak has also two marvelous sights,  one is the speculum stone which stands halfway on the mountainside. This stone (10 meters height and width), its surface  looking like a mirror, stands above several megaliths, two small stones lie on the two side of the speculum stone, its shape like combs. According to the legend, this comb has been used by an immortal.
Another view was constructed during the cultural revolution in China, the Red Guards made the ‘channel’, it was the biggest span in Guangdong Province (the width was nearly 100 meters, and the height 67 meters). This relic shows how the behavior of the men and their cruel actions could have carried out to the blind realization of anything.
It’s a good view to draw a lesson.