Maliuliang vacation village

The Maliuliang is nice, quiet and ecology civilized small village, it is one of the village in Suixi County. It is convenient located 6 kilometers from the center of Suixi County. There is 76 household totalizing 423 villagers. In 2006, the average income per person was more than 6,000 yuan, it has been selected as one of the most beautiful village in Zhanjiang.

Since November 2005, according to the municipal committee party and government's suggestion, this village is building new socialist countryside. It cooperates with the Nanning Guangda Pasturage limited company development project "raise pig in order", by collective investments, and villagers become shareholders. Also it completed the biggest marsh gas pool. Now the marsh gas not only bring income for the collectivity, but also villagers share that profit, moreover it provides general energy for living, cooking, lighting, bathing and so on.

After three main steps : destroying, cleaning, rebuilding, the village has completed a special style farmer office and a nice ecology small park.

In the begining of April 2006, a member of Politbureau, Zhang Dejiang, who is committee secretary Party of Guangdong province, Huan Huahua, who is governor of Guangdong province and some others leaders visited Maliuliang vacation village. They praised for the economy circulation's development and the constructio of a new model of countryside, they also proposed to extend the experience to all the province. Then these officials also planted kapok trees in this village. After that, newspaper "People's Daily", Nanfang" and others news media, called this village "Zao Xue Xing" village, (the economic activities development village). This village is not only ean xample for the province, but also for the whole country.

Now, Maliuliang village has already became a demonstration vacation village in Zhanjiang travel, following the Service Center, farmer restaurants are completed one after one, more and more tourists come to visit the village, for outdoor activities, tasting natural foods in restaurants and so on. In Zhanjiang the vacation village is a popular place for travel.

Travel program in Maliuliang vacation village

1.Leisure program: fishing, picking the fruit, playing chess, mahjong, try farm work, showing traditional process manufacture, the activities of festival celebration;

2. Entertainment program: taking cart by cow, showing traditional folk dance, playing basketball;

3. Visiting program:famrer family, feild scenery, ancestral temple, agriculture demonstration place, ecological science and technology yard and so on;

4.Eating menu: special cooking farmer's style, taste chicken, wild vegetable, regional cuisine cooking and so on;

5. Lodging, local vegetable market, adopt the trees and so on.

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