Listening to the sound wave on Nansan Island

It’s said Nansan Island’s name perhaps come from" Nansan Departmen". During Ming Qing Dynasty Nansan coutry belong to Wuchuan county "Nansan Departmen", there aren’t three islands in the past time, altogether 10 islands, which has been embanked to link 10 island become one island during the 20th century 50's, the area amount to the l23.4 even ten thousand square kilometers. Nansan Island on the opposite side of Donghai Island and separate the sea, which looks like two hands to protect Zhanjiang bay, has blocked the tide. If start from Changqiao wharf of the Xiashan urban district rides by ship more than 10 minutes to arrive this island. The Nansan Island topography is smooth without range, the characteristic is the forest and the sea contrast each other, marine product and cultivation rich side by side.

Traveling Nansan Island, searching the forest, swiming the South China Sea, listening to the sound wave, visiting the cultivation household, involving in catch small seafood, eating the seafood in the fishing village, looking the sunrise and sunset, which enjoying to return to original condition. Therefore the base of "Nansan Island" is one of Zhanjiang eight famous sceneries in Zlhanjiang". While you staying in Nansan Island, here the great waves are specially big, spray shows specially long volume, the sound of waves never rest. When the quiet night, "rustling" of wave intermittently transmits, really likes breath of the sea in dream. The Nansan Island's tourist facility still not very consummated, the reception ability is limited. Therefore, the best way contact with travel agency before you arrived to Nansan Island.

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